Well-maintained pond fountains add beauty to the garden ponds

Well-maintained pond fountains add beauty to the garden ponds

To highlight the landscaping most of the homeowners decorate their garden ponds with spectacular pond fountains. There are several reputed companies who provide guidelines and kit for building wonderful pond fountain. With a well equipped pond fountain kit you can build a fantastic fountain in your water garden which will supply the desired warmth and oxygen for the pond plants and keep the entire environment healthy.

Choosing the right supply for building the pond fountains is one of the most crucial jobs. While purchasing the pump for the fountain you must consider the size of the pond and the type of the fountain you wish to have for your garden pond. The kit supplied by reputed companies for fountains include almost everything needed. You must also install a filter for preventing the growth of dirt and harmful algae in the fountain which will damage the well being of the pond plants and the fish. You can use a bio filter for cleaning the fountain.

You should always look for pond fountains which are easy to install. After locating the site and measuring the depth of the water you can place a basin under the water for holding the fountain. For accommodating the hose and electrical wires you should drill a hole in the basin. To keep the basin well settled in the pond bed you can put rocks and stones in the basin. When dredging and digging the pond bed you must not damage the pond plants. For installing submersible fountain you should check whether the height of the fountain is kept in level with water surface.

Pond fountains add to the pond water great amount of dissolved oxygen which helps in keeping the pond plants and fish healthy. By having a pond fountain you can get adequate water circulation needed for keeping the pond water fresh and free from dirt as well.

The pond fountains when properly installed and well maintained can increase the value of your property. While decorating your water garden with beautiful pond plants, fish, lights and fountain you must also keep the entire environment clean.

It is better to build pond fountains which can be maintained easily. To remove the dirt and harmful algae accumulated in the fountain must be cleaned regularly. If you are using a mechanical filter you must clean it frequently. Avoid using chemicals as they can be dangerous for the fish and pond plants and other living inhabitants of the pond. Bio filters are ideal for cleaning the fountain in your fish pond.

Pond and the fountain get dirty over time. If the fountain is not in use for some time algae start growing in the fountain and the basin. By choosing the right kind of pond plants you can keep the fountain and the pond clean. Aquatic plants eat the nutrients and fish wastes and thus restrict algae growth in the pond fountains. If there is algae growth in the fountain basin you can remove the basin and scrub it overall to remove the algae and debris.

Choose the right kind of pond plants to keep the pond fountains clean.

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