Why Do I Need a Pond Filter?

Why Do I Need a Pond Filter?

Backyard water gardens require a variety of pond supplies in order to function effectively, but sometimes it’s not clear why all those parts are needed. Pond filters are one of the most important of these parts, and this article will help you understand exactly why.

Filters are an essential part of your pond’s health. If your pond water is dirty, the life trying to exist within it is inevitably going to suffer. These intricate filtration systems work hard to remove debris and various kinds of biological waste from your backyard water garden. Pond filters perform three kinds of filtration:

1. Biological Filtration

2. Mechanical Filtration

3. Chemical Filtration

Biological filtration occurs when beneficial bacteria are provided with a place to grow within your pond filter. These bacteria are responsible for breaking down harmful toxins – such as ammonia forming from fish waste – that can accumulate in your pond’s water.

Mechanical filtration occurs when dirty water flows through the filter media in your pond filter. This media traps any dirt and debris existing in the water, and then it releases clean water back into your pond. Remember: mechanical filter media must be as fine as the debris it is removing.

Chemical filtration is responsible for taking care of any harmful compounds that remain after biological and mechanical filtration have taken place. Chemical filtration helps to control and change specific water conditions, and pond plants are often used to aid in this process.

Without filters, your pond’s water quality will suffer and impurities may flourish. As you can see, filters are responsible for performing a variety of complex functions that work together to keep your pond water clean and healthy.

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