Why your outdoor pond will need a pond filter

Why your outdoor pond will need a pond filter

Outdoor ponds are a joy to have, especially if they house fish that you and your family enjoy looking at and feeding. When you have outdoor ponds, whether these house fish or not, you are required to install a pond filter in it to help keep dirt from making the pond look ugly and to keep the proliferation of such pond-dirtying substances as algae from making your lovely pond look like an algae jungle or a murky body of water. While a lot of pond filters may seem rather expensive, there are a few rather inexpensive types that you can use for your pond. The use of filters for your pond is necessary since standing water can and will become dirty and smelly if it is not cleaned regularly.

One of the more inexpensive types of pond filter that you can use for your pond is the basic basket filter. Some of these basket filters that you can use on outdoor ponds can be placed underwater or can be found on the surface, depending on the type of basket filter you purchase. What these things do to help keep your pond clean is to remove debris from the water that is pumped through it before the water is returned to the pond. This often helps get rid of some of the more common debris and dirt that can be found in your outdoor ponds but that is all that it can do. If you want to get rid of other pond nuisances like algae, you need another type of pond filter.

The pond filter you may need for your outdoor ponds when an overgrowth of algae is your concern is one that uses UV rays to help kill the microorganisms and the algae that might grow in your ponds. These UV filters use the power of ultraviolet radiation to disinfect the water that is in your pond by passing this water through a UV light found in the bulb housing. This is an ideal filter to have when you have fish in your outdoor ponds since algae and other microorganisms that can dirty your water can cause your fish to become ill and to cause your water to become very murky and dangerous for them to live in. These filters however only clean out small quantities of water at a time and are not ideal for bigger ponds that have lots of water in them.

Another pond filter that you might want to consider having in your pond is the one that uses good bacteria to clean out the dirt from your pond water. Bacterial filters may take longer to clean your ponds with but are often one of the more effective filters for your pond when used over a longer period of time. These can be used in conjunction with a basket filter to help you keep your pond free from the large debris that can make your pond look unattractive, while the bacterial filter helps keep harmful microorganisms from making your fish ill and your water from being infested and overtaken by harmful and clogging algae.

Keep your outdoor ponds clean with the use of a pond filter that you can easily install and maintain.

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