Bio mechanical water filtration system for Koi, fish ponds, and water gardens. Simple to setup & run. Cleaning filter via backwash takes 5 minutes once a month. With 870 sq.ft of surface area per cubic foot of bio media, it’s four times better than bead filter. Manufactured by SeaGateFilters, Inc.- Alexandria, VA. USA. Please subscribe: more of Xtreme Bio Filters performance, setup, cleaning, retro-fitting sand filters, bead filter, etc… to Xtreme Bio Filters.
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  1. dotNetSkillz says:

    You took the overall design off the spinning wheel on the standard bio mass wheel and shrunk it 1000 fold.

    I haven’t watched a video which elaborated on all aspects of a product design and function as good as this video in a long time.

  2. jethromayham says:

    It looks to me that you have an excellent design although I have no need for it as I have no space for koi pond.

    Instead if have lion head gold fish living happily in a large cement vat with absolutely no filter and yet very clear water. One large fish scours any debris on the bottom.

    In the south portion of Vietnam, the water is warm enough to raise guppies in vats outside also. Anyhow, I like your design system from what I can see.

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